What are periods and menstrual cycle

What are periods and menstrual cycle

Under the influence of hormones, changes occur in your body every month.

Every month, the body prepares itself for the fact that you can become pregnant – it creates favorable conditions for the embryo in the uterus – a nutritious endometrium. If pregnancy does not occur, hormones give a signal to get rid of unnecessary endometrium – and it is excreted in the form of menstruation.

However, immediately after that, a new layer begins to grow – and so on in a circle, cycle by cycle.

Phases of the menstrual cycle

Each cycle you go through 4 phases – let’s figure it out in more detail.

01 | Menstruation

The beginning of the cycle is the first day of menstruation. During menstruation, the endometrium leaves the uterus – therefore, menstrual flow contains a lot of mucus. The menstrual phase lasts 3-7 days and ends when the bleeding stops.

02 | Follicular phase

Under the influence of hormones, follicles begin to ripen in the ovary – in fact, this begins even during menstruation. Each cycle matures several follicles, but reaches the end – it releases an egg – only one. This phase lasts 7-10 days. Under the influence of growing hormones, you feel a surge of strength and energy.

03 | Ovulation

A mature follicle ruptures and an egg is released from it. Your hormones and your mood are at their peak, this is your finest hour – no one will stop you. Unfortunately, this phase lasts only 3-4 days.

04 | Luteal phase

It lasts 12-14 days. Your body is preparing to receive a fertilized egg – the endometrium of the uterus is actively thickening. Around the middle of the luteal phase, if pregnancy has not occurred, the body decreases the production of hormones (estrogen and progesterone). Because of this, about a week before menstruation, the well-known PMS manifests itself – premenstrual syndrome.

As soon as the production of estrogen and progesterone stops, the endometrium begins to be rejected – a new cycle begins.

During her life, a woman lives about 500 menstrual cycles and spends a total of 6 years with menstruation. It would be wrong if nature condemned us to suffering for 6 years. Was the menstrual cycle designed to make women suffer? I doubt. Then humanity would not have survived – primitive women would have been unable at this time to get food and escape from predators. This means that genetically menstruation should be painless and not uncomfortable. Perhaps today’s “epidemic” of painful periods and PMS is the price to pay for our lifestyle – with constant stress, lack of exercise and a diet far from balanced. It is in your hands to change these factors and make your period more comforta

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